Luhansk airport destroyed by Tochka tactical missiles launched from Russia, - deputy justice minister


Shortly before Russian battalion task force penetrated Ukraine in August 2014, the aggressor state’s military were shelling the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ positions at the Luhansk airport with Tochka missiles while Ukrainian border guards were attacked by the Russian combat helicopters.

As reported by Censor.NET citing LIGA, Deputy Justice Minister Ivan Lishchyna said in an interview with Fakty newspaper.

"As for the shelling of our territory even before the Russian regular army intervention in late August (of 2014 - Ed.), we have established virtually all the circumstances. It turns out that the Russian helicopters were flying along the Ukrainian-Russian border for a reason: they fired upon our border outposts with unguided air-to-surface missiles at least once. We do have evidence," he said.

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The official also said that the Russian servicemen holding the territory of the Luhansk airport came under strikes with Tochka tactical ballistic missiles.

"If you recall, the speculations surfaced in the summer of 2014 that Luhansk airport was allegedly hit with tactical nuclear weapon. This is certainly not true. However, our Border Guard Service recorded strikes committed with Tochka tactical missiles that came from Russia's direction being launched from their territory. The airport was completely destroyed," he said.

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The ombudsman for the European Court of Human Rights also said that the Justice Ministry collected testimonies of the Luhansk region border guards who were first attacked from the Russian territory.

Lishchyna said the Justice Ministry had "just recently" submitted to the court new evidence regarding hostilities in the Donbas that took place between April and September 2014, i.e. before first Minsk accords had been reached.

"We are drafting submissions on two more cases that cover the local developments after September 2014 and in 2015 and from 2016 until now," he added.

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