MP Vinnyk: We must cut diplomatic ties with Russia if we recognize it as aggressor state


Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry should hold consultations on the possibility of finding a mediator in contacts between Ukraine and Russia.

Ivan Vinnyk, a Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) faction MP, secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense told Censor.NET commenting on the information spread by the Russian media that the draft law on the Donbas reintegration (No. 7163) will be amended in the second reading by the item on severance of diplomatic relations with Russia.

The lawmaker says the issue of recognizing the Russian Federation as the aggressor state and occupier of Ukrainian territories is on the table while the international law does not envisage diplomatic relations in such circumstances. Therefore, he believes, the adoption of the draft law No. 7163 will definitely lead to severance of diplomatic ties with the Russian Federation.

In case Russia is recognized as the aggressor state, the MP is going to insist on the Committee on clarification of the Cabinet and Foreign Ministry's obligations to bring Ukraine-Russia diplomatic relations in line with the international law and holding consultations on finding a mediator for further contacts between the countries.

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Vinnyk said that Belarus and Switzerland could be picked for this role. However, on his opinion, Belarus is unacceptable as mediator since it has directly facilitated kidnapping of Ukrainian citizen Pavlo Hryb by the Russian secret services. As for Switzerland, he deems, this could be a good option for Ukraine-Russia diplomatic relations as Ukrainian diplomats and doctors experience difficulties in getting access to the Ukrainian citizens held by Russia while the diplomats from the European Union may be shown more respect.

Asked about the prospects for adopting an amendment on the severance of diplomatic relations with Russia, Vinnyk said: "This is not quite an amendment, but rather a recommendation of the Committee if it is approved. There is no need to make this amendment since this is an obvious fact. If we recognize Russia as an aggressor state, we are definitely obliged to cut diplomatic ties with it. We will just draw the Cabinet's attention to this fact in the final provisions and propose to take action to find a mediator."

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