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 Kolmohorov to be retried in Berdiansk, border guard’s former commander says


The case of border guard Serhii Kolmohorov's will be reviewed by the court of Berdiansk.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Hromadske, Kolmogorov's former commander Oleh Medvedchuk told a press conference.

"The local court of first instance will start reviewing the case. It should be held in Berdiansk. This court raises certain questions, because these are the so-called 'front-line courts', and we may assume that they can be biased, the judges may have ties with the occupied territories," he said.

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Medvedchuk also called the verdict passed against Kolmohorov an "act of ideological sabotage staged by the enemy."

"The situation is being discussed with different approaches. The country was not ready for war in 2014. Mariupol was an important industrial city, a strategic one. In late August, the militants seized Novoazovsk, Pavlopil reservoir. Serhii was engaged in combat missions along the state border. He was involved in destruction of the Russian mercenaries' armored unit. I think that what is happening is an act of ideological sabotage staged by the enemy - I mean the efforts to convict Serhii."

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He also recalled that Kolmohorov served as a peacekeeper in Iraq.

Asked by the journalists what exactly was the order on the day when the car passenger was gunned down, Kolmohorov said: "The order was to stop the car and check it. It was up to a border guard whether to use force or not."

"Why I was the one who was brought charges against? Perhaps someone had a personal grudge against me." he said.

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As reported, Kolmohorov was released from custody on Nov. 6 after court had overturned his sentence.

Earlier, the cassation hearing in Kolmohorov case was deferred to 11 a.m. Nov. 6 after the prosecutor was reported to be unable to appear.

Even earlier, the court of Mariupol sentenced the Ukrainian border guard to 13 years in prison for inflicting lethal injuries to a female passenger of a car as he was executing an order to use force to stop the vehicle with intruders at the checkpoint. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and its veterans expect a review of conviction. The Court of Appeal earlier upheld the verdict. The case was to be heard by the Superior Specialized Court of Ukraine on Nov. 2.

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