Interior Ministry says NABU’s actions politically motivated, legally unfounded

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine says hybrid campaign, aimed at discrediting political figures and officials involved in reforming and improving government institutions, namely the law enforcement system, is underway in Ukraine.

"The search and seizure operations in the premises of former Deputy Interior Minister Serhii Chebotar and Interior Minister's son led to a new wave of information campaign on alleged abuses during procurement of tactical backpacks for the anti-terrorist operation in 2015," the agency's communication department stressed, Censor.NET reports.

The Interior Ministry insists that a number of violations were made in the course of the investigation initiated July 7, 2015 into alleged embezzlement of public funds during acquisition of backpacks for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The law enforcement agency insists that the procurement procedure was carried out transparently and in line with the regulations and requirements stipulated by the Law of Ukraine 'On Public Procurement' and corresponding legal acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Interior Ministry says NABU’s actions politically motivated, legally unfounded 01

Interior Ministry says NABU’s actions politically motivated, legally unfounded 02

The Interior Ministry's press service says that false information has been disseminated against the minister, members of his family and his closest colleagues during Avakov's tenure. This campaign targeted Avakov as a politician and was aimed to level the steps taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in updating and improving the law enforcement and judicial systems and protecting the state from the Russian hybrid aggression.

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The agency believes that the external and domestic forces seeking restoration of the old system of 'protection racketeering' and 'corrupt practices' are obviously behind this campaign.

"The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine is engaged in political, not legal activities, which is inadmissible and requires immediate revision," the agency's communication department stressed.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n461173