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 Investigators follow two main leads on Okueva’s assassination, - MP Herashchenko

убийство окуева

The investigators pursue two main leads regarding the murder of volunteer soldier Amina Okueva: attack by the Russian secret services and revenge taken by Chechens.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was stated by People's Front faction MP, Adviser to the Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"There are two main leads that are being followed up: this attack was committed by the Russian special services in order to destabilize the socio-political situation, inflict a reign of terror and horror in Ukraine. The second lead is the actions of individuals from the Chechen Republic, namely revenge taken on Adam for standing up against Kadyrov and his associates," Herashchenko said.

He added that the investigators were open to other avenues of the enquiry.

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"Two terrorists were apparently involved. One of them kept watching over the Odesa highway at the crossroads sending signals to another armed one hiding behind the bushes. This was evidently masterminded in Russia. A hitman who came from Russia already tried to shoot Adam and Amina dead last June but he was apprehended and now he is in custody. He faces life imprisonment after trial. As for these scumbags, I am sure that we will be able to track them down as well, detain them and they will also be imprisoned for life," Herashchenko added.

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As reported, Okueva and Osmaev's car was ambushed and fired upon at the railway crossing near Hlevakha village in the Kyiv region Oct. 30. Okueva suffered fatal injuries while Osmaev survived the attack.

Earlier, In the evening of June 1, an attempt was made on the lives of Chechen volunteer fighters of Ukrainian Kyiv-2 unit, Donbas war participants Adam Osmaev and Amina Okueva in Kyiv's Podil district. The attacker passed himself as a foreign journalist who allegedly wanted to interview them, got close to them, opened fire from a gun, and wounded Osmaev. His wife Okueva, to protect herself and repulse the attacker, opened fire and gravely wounded the killer. Both men have been taken to hospital with grave wounds. Osmaev is convicted by Russia of alleged attempt on President Putin.

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