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 Kyiv hosted Ukraine-NATO conference


Ukraine needs to focus on the implementation of NATO standards and execution of yearlong national programs of cooperation with the Alliance. Such a conclusion was made by the participants of the first Kyiv Transatlantic Dialogues conference that was held in Ukraine’s capital city Oct. 26-27 under the initiative of German Marshall Fund (GMF), Boumbouras Foundation and Gefest Development Company under auspices of NATO. The conference was organized in a partnership with Ukrainian company Political Solutions Center.

Kyiv Transatlantic Dialogues conference has been the first official event held in Kyiv that was dedicated to the integration of Ukraine into NATO. The event was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, Vice-President of German Marshall Fund in the U.S. Jan Lesser, Director of Security and Political-Military Affairs at the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs at the U.S. Department of State Michael Murphy, Director of Arms Control and Mass Destruction Weapon Non-Proliferation Initiative at the Brookings Institution Steven Pifer, Head of the NATO Public Diplomacy Department Gerlinda Nigus and other famous experts and representatives of countries-allies.

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In particular, Steven Pifer, Director of Arms Control and Mass Destruction Weapon Non-Proliferation Initiative at the Brookings Institution, underlined that it is very important for Ukraine to be under no illusion on the way to NATO, but focus on practical actions.

Steven Pifer said it was critical for Ukraine to harbor no illusions. If it joins NATO, the Alliance will be forced to intervene in the ongoing conflict in the Donbas and Crimea. Therefore, Ukraine cannot join NATO at this point. National programs on Ukraine's accession into NATO were discussed with Ukrainian politicians, he said, adding that more practical steps needed to be made. Pifer advised Ukraine not to have unrealistic expectations but concentrate on practical efforts.

The participants of the Conference also discussed the tasks of Ukraine before NATO Summit in 2018, the methods used by the Alliance Community experts to counteract hybrid challenges and the future role of China in the geopolitical worldview.

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Vasilis Boumbouras, the vice-president of Boumbouras Foundation, said that the task of transatlantic dialogues is the creation of regular platform for exchange of ideas between high-ranking representatives of countries-members of Alliance and Ukrainian politicians regarding the integration of Ukraine into NATO.

He said the Conference was the result of challenging idea, which started to be implemented six years ago and was devoted to creation of the platform for exchange of ideas and views on how Ukraine should be moving on the way to the North Atlantic Community. Boumbouras said the Conference granted an opportunity for high-ranking representatives of the EU, U.S. and Ukraine - the decision makers - to cooperate fruitfully. He invited everyone to share ideas and propositions in open environment, specially made for exchanging the thoughts and creating a productive dialogue with the purpose of forming a clear strategy for Ukraine's security and.

Kyiv hosted Ukraine-NATO conference 01

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