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 Creation of anti-corruption court critically important, - Ambassador Yovanovitch


The U.S. and Western partners of Ukraine see its anti-corruption court as a body or entity that is independent of existing structures and is made up of justices that have been selected through an independent contest process.

U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told Censor.NET in an interview.

Yovanovitch said it is important to move forward as rapidly as possible on the justice sector reforms, especially the courts and anti-corruption efforts.

"There's been a lot of discussion about the anti-corruption court. We think that's critically important because the Ukrainian people want justice. They want their leaders to be honest and represent them in a dignified way," the ambassador said.

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Yovanovitch explained how the U.S., the IMF and the Venice Commission see the anti-corruption court in Ukraine:

"The details still need to be worked out, but what we mean by an anti-corruption court, what the IMF means, what the Venice commission means is a body or entity that is independent of existing structures, that is made up of justices that have been selected through a process that people have confidence in that it will select honest individuals of the highest integrity, courageous individuals, and individuals who are professionals in their own right. So that's what we mean by an anti-corruption court."

The ambassador said it was important that the cases that NABU and SAP have put forward are actually tried in a reformed court system.

"So I think that's important: the justice sector reforms, continuing on anti-corruption reforms whether it's with this special court, but also in other areas as well. I think that's critically important and it's what the Ukrainian people want. It's also what Ukraine's partners want. So we have many American companies that do business here and we have many more that are very interested in doing business here. But what they are looking for is a level playing field: so that if they come in and do business in Ukraine, they are going to be treated the same as a Ukrainian company or another company; that if there is a business dispute, there is a judicial system that they have confidence in that if they are in the right, they will be listened to and they will be found and justice will be served. So I would say that many of these issues are intertwined: the justice system, the court system, the moving forward on anti-corruption so that foreign companies but also Ukrainian companies don't feel that they need to somehow go around the system, and maybe pay somebody off in order to move their issues forward, to get that license or whatever it might be," Yovanovitch said.

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