CEC members should be representative of entire Ukrainian political scene, not one party, - Yovanovitch


The U.S. will support the initiatives regarding a new electoral law for Ukraine, but it's important that the level playing field is in place.

U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told Censor.NET in an interview.

"My understanding is that that's going to move forward soon. It's important that those individuals [Central Election Committee members - ed.] are, again, professional, perceived to be of the highest integrity, and thirdly that they are representative of the Ukrainian political scene. That they don't just represent one party, for example. So I think that's the first priority.

"The second priority - we would certainly be supportive if it's possible to move forward on new electoral law. So that would certainly be the next priority.

"I would also note, however, that there are big national elections that I think everybody is focused on - presidential elections, and parliamentary elections in 2019 - but there are also local elections. Those are very, very important in terms of how power is distributed at the regional and local level. And so it's important that there be a level playing field, that undue pressure is not put on different representatives from different parties, and so that there can be free and fair elections at the local and regional level as well," Yovanovitch said regarding the renewal of Ukraine's CEC.

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