Border Service to collect fingerprints of Russian citizens and create own database


In 2016, more than 1.5 million Russians entered Ukraine, while this year the number has already reached 1.4 million.

This was announced by head of Ukraine's State Border Service Petro Tsyhykal in an interview with Censor.NET after he was asked about the Ukrainian border crossing procedure for Russian citizens.

"The Russians cross the border with their foreign passports so far. But we are looking into introducing the biometric control from Jan. 1, including fingerprinting. Overall, we have 157 international and interstate border points. And we have been given 300 million hryvnias ($11.21 mln) to purchase scanners, arrange working places, and set up this complex system," said Tsyhykal.

He noted that in case with the foreigners from the European Union the procedure will differ and involve the scanning of their biometric passports.

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"As for the Russians, since they do not have biometric passports, we'll collect their fingerprints and create our own database... This information will be circulated among different agencies - the Security Service, the Migration Service, the police and others," Tsyhykal said.

He reminded that in 2016 more than 1.5 million Russians had entered Ukraine, while this year the number has reached almost 1.4 million.

Tsyhykal stressed that the border with Russia has not been demarcate so far.

"We have delimitated the border, while the demarcation has not been done... In 2012 the Russian Federation agreed to put the only border pole in the Chernihiv region, where the borders of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia meet. After that the demarcation process was halted, and later we began to unilaterally demarcate the state border of Ukraine, put up information signs to tell people that the state border runs here. Russia has never been concerned about the border demarcation," the head of the State Border Service said, stressing that the lack of demarcation started to be felt in 2014.

"The first Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups entered Ukraine precisely by smuggling trails," he said.
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