Mother of infamous ex-Deputy Speaker Kaletnik seeks to return land reclaimed by state after Euromaidan

калетник забор угодья

Halyna Kaletnik, the mother of ex-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and Communist Ihor Kaletnik, is demanding that the 2014 court decision to return a forest plot of 14 hectares in the town of Bucha in favor of the state be cancelled.

A Censor.NET correspondent reports form the Irpin City Court, where the hearing on the matter was to be held today.

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According to prosecutor Ivan Dutchyn, the hearing is so far postponed, as the judge is staying in the advisory room concerning another case. Interestingly, the claim filed by Kaletnik's mother has never come to the prosecutor's office. Dutchyn says he learned about the hearing by chance.

"Incidentally, surfing the site of the court, we learned about this lawsuit!" said the prosecutor.

Dutchyn managed to learn about the details of the claim from unofficial sources.

"Halyna Kaletnik argues that in July there was a post on Facebook saying that some documents had been found in the Bucha City Council during the renovations, and that these are new circumstances based on which they demand to review the case. However they don't refute a single argument of the court. And these are not any new circumstances. They want to prove that the Bucha City Council had the right to distribute this land, but we already proved the opposite in court. This land belongs to the state, this fact was even confirmed by the Supreme Court," said the prosecutor.

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In 2013, an 8-meter fence was put up in the Bucha forest area to cordon off a 14-hectare land plot. It turned out that the plot consisted of multiple land patches that had been previously distributed among various people, including some front persons. As a result, Vasyl Kirhan, the grandfather of former Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Communist Ihor Kaletnik, became the owner of the plot. After the Euromaidan protests back in 2014, the case was taken to court. The prosecutor's office proved that the Bucha City Council had illegally distributed the land, after which the court ordered the 14-hectare plot be returned to the state.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n459661