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 PGO names hirer of Voronenkov assassin - it's Russian mafia boss Tyurin

Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine (PGO) has finished investigation into the criminal case of murder of former State Duma of Russia MP Denys Voronenkov in Kyiv downtown in spring 2017.

This was announced by Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko at a briefing on Monday, Censor.NET reports.

"The large-scale investigation resulted in establishing all members of the criminal ring, including hirers, organizers, and those who committed the murder. We managed to reconstruct complete sequence of events from preparation of the crime to detention," he said.

PGO names hirer of Voronenkov assassin - its Russian mafia boss Tyurin 01

Lutsenko announced that the murder of Voronenkov was ordered by FSB-controlled criminal kingpin Vladimir Tyurin, former partner of Mariia Maksakova, Voronenkov's wife.

The murder of Voronenkov was related to his testimony regarding the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine, as well as in the case of high treason against fugitive president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

In order to prevent Voronenkov from testifying in Ukrainian and international courts, Russian secret services representatives "drafted a plan to physically destroy him as a witness," Lutsenko said.

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Tyurin also had personal motives to kill Voronenkov, Lutsenko said, as eight years ago he was a partner of Mariia Maksakova, wife of Denys Voronenkov.

The prosecutor general added that Tyurin agreed for the assassination in exchange for preferences by Russian secret services regarding control of criminal groups in Russia and CIS countries.

Denys Voronenkov was shot dead in downtown Kyiv March 23. The killer also managed to injure Voronenkov's bodyguard. The incident took place outside Kyiv's Premier Palace Hotel.

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Voronenkov was a witness in the treason case against fugitive Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. In his interview with Censor.NET Voronenkov said that Yanukovych was a traitor "who was involved in mass slaughter, who had fled to the foreign country and urged foreign troops to slay his people. I believe this person should have received not asylum but a fair trial in Russia."

Voronenkov moved to Ukraine with his wife, former Duma member, singer Maria Maksakova, and their infant child in late 2016. He became a citizen of Ukraine and abandoned Russian passport in December 2016. On Feb. 15, 2017 he was put on federal wanted list in the Russian Federation. Voronenkov said the reason behind his migration was persecution by FSB in Russia.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n458530