Crime ring organizer was part of special interests group of former Party of Regions MPs, - Anton Herashchenko

The National Police conducted an operation to detain a group of dangerous terrorists who committed a number of grave crimes against the national security of Ukraine, lives and health of Ukrainian citizens and guests of the country.

This was announced by People's Front MP, secretary of Rada committee on law enforcement legislation Anton Herashchenko on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Three bastards, citizens of Ukraine were detained, who organized a number of crimes as ordered from Russia. The crimes were aimed at sowing fear and hatred, breeding the feeling of helplessness among Ukrainians in the face of regular and unpunished terrorist attacks," he wrote.

Herashchenko listed the crimes that have been solved and attributed to this group of people.

As reported, the group committed crimes in Chernivtsi (Central Jewish Synagogue violated), Uman (rabbi Nachman's grave violated; grenade attack against Israeli citizens), Kyiv (the U.S. Embassy attacked; veterans monument at Kurbasa Street violated; grenade attack at Hrushevskoho Street), Lviv (arson attempt on synagogue), and Lutsk (explosive device thrown at Polish consulate building).

"Finally, yesterday they were detained as they were traveling to the Carpathian mountains' Veretskyi pass, at the border of the Lviv and Zakarpattia regions, to blow up historical monument to the Hungarian people. The purpose was to drive a wedge between Ukrainians and Hungarians against the escalation in relation to the Education Act," Herashchenko wrote.

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Two performers and one organizer were detained, residents of the Cherkasy and Kyiv regions.

Herashchenko said they were paid $300-$500 for each terrorist attack.

The investigation found that the organizer of the crimes belonged to a special interests group of former Party of Regions MPs Volodymyr Oliinyk and Serhii Tulub. They have been hiding from investigation for three and a half years in the Russian Federation.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n457729