Bill on Donbas reintegration to be registered in Rada this week, - Iryna Lutsenko

луценко ирина

The bill drafting process in now on its final stage.

This week, the Verkhovna Rada will register the bill on Donbas reintegration, Censor.NET correspondent reports from the parliament. This was announced by Petro Poroshenko Bloc member, presidential envoy in the parliament Iryna Lutsenko during the coordination meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on Monday.

"This week, the bill on the strategy of restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine, the liberation of the Donbas will be registered [in the parliament]," Lutsenko said.

The envoy added that the bill will be amended, and Ukraine's operations in the Donbas will be defined as "defense of the state," not an anti-terrorist operation.

The bill will also govern the notion of "Russian occupation authorities" in the region.

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