Explosions in Kalynivka are Muzhenko's dismissal. Criminal cases against generals from General Staff to follow, - Yurii Bereza

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If the practice of blowing up ammunition depots does not stop, and responsible people not made accountable, Ukraine will lose the war with Russia.

Petro Poroshenko Bloc MP, head of sub-committee of the Verkhovna Rada on military security and defense Yurii Bereza wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Svatove, Balakliia, Bohdanivka. These are the symbols of negligence, sabotage, and treason, joined by Kalynivka yesterday.

"But it's no longer enough to just state the fact. The generals must be sentenced. The person responsible for fire safety in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine. Explosions in Kalynivka are Muzhenko's dismissal. At least. The post of the Chief of the General Staff should be given to a young and responsible officer," the MP wrote.

"Criminal cases against generals from the General Staff who are responsible for ammunition storage should follow," Bereza added.

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As reported, on Sept. 26 at around 10 p.m., State Emergency Service was reported of ammunition explosions in the military depot of the Defense Ministry in Kalynivka village. A Censor.NET source said that the explosions were heard in the village, and ammo was seen flying over the depot. The Kalynivka depot is more than 1,000 ha and packed with ammunition of various types.

As of 10 a.m. Sept. 27, more than 30,000 people have been evacuated. For that purpose, 50 buses, 10 ambulances, and Emergency Service psychologists were involved. Two people were traumatized and taken to hospitals.

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