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 "Poroshenko banned Russian language in schools", - Russian media react to new Ukraine Education Act

Russian propagandists are certain that in Ukraine, Russian language is being attacked.

Censor.NET looked at some reactions voiced by Russian "experts" on the Education Act, adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on Sept. 5, especially its provisions on languages of ethnic minorities. Russian websites mostly write of "ban of the Russian language in schools."

editorial reads that "Poroshenko banned Russian language in schools" and that "the Act has shattered diplomatic connections of Kyiv." The reporters "prove" it with the fact that Romanian president allegedly canceled his October visit to Ukraine, which in fact was just postponed.

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Russian Interfax cited Russian Foreign Ministry as saying that the new bill is "an attempt of the Maidan government to totally Ukrainize the educational space of the country, which violates both its Constitution and Kyiv's international liabilities." Although Russian language is not mentioned in the Act, Russian FM said that the major goal of the Act is to "maximally suppress interests of millions of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine and forcibly install a single language regime in the multi-ethnic state."

A TASS article reads that the new Act in unconstitutional, and reminds of "numerous examples" of how Russian-speaking people are allegedly persecuted for speaking Russian in stores and public transport in Ukraine.

Russian propagandist Andrey Babitskyi commented on the Act by saying that people would keep the language at home schooling. "Anyway, Ukraine will die sooner or later, I mean the Nazi Ukraine, crazy and anti-human one. It will turn back to where it belongs. The unity of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples will be restored."

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