Russia wanted to create another Abkhazia in Donbas but failed, - Volker


The Kremlin failed to achieve the goals it set for itself in the Donbas.

This was announced by U.S. Special Envoy on Ukraine Kurt Volker in an interview to ZN.UA, Censor.NET reports.

Russia tried to keep Ukraine within its sphere of interests with force. But the invasion and the occupation led to an opposite result. Russians did not get what they wanted, Volker said.

Russia wanted to create another Abkhazia. They thought they would be able to do that quite easily, Volker said. He believes the Russians are starting to understand that this scenario is not working, Volker said. He said they are being demonstrated that it will fail, both now and in the future.

Things will get worse for Russia in the future from political, economic, information, and security points of view, Volker said.

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However, the special envoy added, Russia can avoid further implications if it starts acting in accordance with its own statements. Russia claimed it supports territorial integrity of Ukraine and cares for Russian-speaking population, Volker reminded.
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