No losses among Ukrainian soldiers yesterday, terrorists opened fire 16 times, - HQ

военные военнослужащие ато воины воин муравский

On Sept. 21, Russian hybrid forces in the Donbas violated the cease-fire regime 16 times.

This was announced by ATO HQ press office on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

In the evening, militants stepped up attacks on Ukrainian positions: "While observing the cease-fire during the daylight, the enemy committed a series of provocations in the Donetsk and Mariupol sectors after 6 p.m."

In the evening and at night, occupiers fired four times with various types of grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms at ATO forces around the Avdiivka industrial zone with Ukrainian defenders returning fire in most cases. Militants also used IFV weaponry near Novoselivka Druha and Maiorsk.

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In the Mariupol sector, terrorists used a heavy machine gun twice near Vodiane and anti-tank grenade launchers in the vicinity of Hnutove. At the end of the day, Ukrainian forces near Pavlopil also came under attack.

In the Luhansk sector, Russian mercenaries fired six 82-mm mortars and used an automatic grenade launcher and a machine gun outside Krymske.

"Overall in the past day, Russian hybrid forces violated the truce 16 times. Ukrainian troops returned fire 12 times as there was a direct threat to the lives of our soldiers. No losses have been reported among the Ukrainian military," the HQ says.

On Sept. 20, Russian mercenaries opened fire upon Ukrainian army positions 19 times.
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