National Agency for Corruption Prevention to check Klitschko's presence on charter flight with notorious developers Mykytas and Stolar


The National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP) has initiated verification of information published by Skhemy show on the joint flight of mayor Vitalii Klitschko and Kyiv developers by a private jet from Naples.

The Agency sent a letter to Radio Svoboda saying it has initiated gathering data on the flight of Mayor Vitalii Klitschko with Kyiv developers Mykytas and Stolar to decide whether it constituted an administrative violation related to corruption, Censor.NET reports.

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The event might constitute an offense under articles 172-5 (violation of limits for a gift) and 172-7 (violation of requirements to inform of conflict of interests) of the Administrative Code of Ukraine.

Earlier, Skhemy show reported that Mayor Klitschko came to Kyiv from Naples on Aug. 17 by a private jet with well-known Kyiv developers - MP and director of Ukrbud State Corporation Maksym Mykytas and his wife, member of City Capital Group supervisory board Mariia Kazantseva, former MP and business partner of developer Vagif Aliev.

In a commentary he gave to Skhemy, Klitschko said it was Mykytas who paid for the jet, while the mayor himself only bought a ticket. He said he met Mykytas on the street in Naples and agreed to buy a ticket as long as he had a transfer flight booked.

At the same time, MP Mykytas said he didn't pay for the entire jet, just for his tickets. He refused to say how exactly he ended up on the same flight with Klitschko and Stolar.

Klitschko was billed 1,500 euros, VAT excluded, to Tango Limited, registered on the Seychelles.

The journalists addressed AirPink company that provided the jet with a question whether it is possible to buy a ticket for a chartered flight. The company said it was not possible, and that the flight from Naples to Kyiv costs 13,300 euros.
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