Ukrainian oligarchs Boholiubov and Kolomoiskyi received Cypriot citizenship back in 2010 and 2009, - The Guardian


Former business partners, Ukrainian oligarchs Hennadii Boholiubov and Ihor Kolomoiskyi received Cypriot citizenship back in 2010 and 2009 respectively.

Censor.NET reports citing The Guardian.

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A leaked list of names of those who have benefited from Cyprus's citizenship-by-investment programmes represents a detailed insight into the panoply of clients behind schemes providing passports to the super rich.

It also reveals the extent to which interest from the Russian and Ukrainian elite has driven the programme which, according to the Cypriot government, has generated more than €4bn in investment since 2013. There is no suggestion of wrongdoing on the part of beneficiaries.

Prior to 2013, Cypriot citizenship was granted on a discretionary basis by ministers, in a less formal version of the current arrangement.

Hennadii Boholiubov and his former business partner Ihor Kolomoiskyi founded PrivatBank in the 1990s, and were its biggest shareholders until it was nationalised by the Ukrainian government in 2016. The Ukrainian central bank alleged that the two partners had illicitly extracted £4.2bn from PrivatBank.

A lawyer representing Boholiubov confirmed that he had been granted a Cypriot passport in 2010 "as a result of him having made substantial investments in the country (via certain companies) and being fully compliant with the legal requirements at the time".

A spokesman for Kolomoiskyi said: "He was granted citizenship of Cyprus, in recognition of his substantial investments in that country." The Guardian reported it occurred in 2009.

Konstantin Grigorishin is the largest investor in the Ukrainian utilities firm Energy Standard Group. He declined to comment on whether he had obtained Cypriot citizenship in 2010.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n455807