Privatization of state property should be held without investors from aggressor country, - Poroshenko


The National Council of Reforms chaired by President Petro Poroshenko on Sept. 12 considered the draft law aimed to ensure transparency and efficiency of the privatization of state enterprises. Poroshenko emphasized that the issue was important for Ukraine, its investment climate, prospects, and economic growth.

Censor.NET reports citing the Presidential Administration press service.

Poroshenko thanked the government, the experts of international organizations, and presidential envoys who participated in drafting the document.

"We should finally improve the legislation on privatization. Not only through the introduction of electronic auctions, but to fully ensure the transparent process," the head of state said.

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The president said the authorities are willing to ensure efficient, open and competitive privatization of state-owned facilities under new legislative regulations that will ensure access of national and foreign investors to this process, except for those from the aggressor country.

Poroshenko said it is necessary to discuss and submit the best version of privatization rules to the Parliament shortly.

The president emphasized that privatization is important not only due to involvement of funds, but also to the search of efficient owners who will ensure economic growth, production of competitive goods, export growth and restoration of the currency balance of the state.

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Poroshenko added that it is necessary to increase the volume of foreign direct investments: "The time when we survived due to the attraction of credits has come to its end. Now, most of the income must be ensured in the form of FDI".

Privatization is also an important element of anti-corruption strategy.

Poroshenko emphasized that an important component of the draft law is introduction of electronic transparent auctions of privatization. "This will speed up the process, make it more transparent and involve efficient owners," he said.
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