Author of destroyed Maidan graffiti willing to restore them personally

граффити иконы sociopath революции

The author of three pieces of the destroyed graffiti titled "Icons of Revolution," an artist nicknamed Sociopath, has proposed to restore them on his own. He said no one has asked him for his consent for restoration, and without the consent the restoration is not possible. Sociopath called on Ukrainians not to buy souvenirs with his arts as he never agreed for its use for sales.

The author of the destroyed "Icons of Revolution" on the facade of a house at Hrushevskoho Street, the artist nicknamed Sociopath, has opposed their restoration by a group of artists without his consent and wants to do that personally. He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

He wrote he was touched by the public reaction to the fact of the destruction of the graffiti, but asks the artists who plan to gather on Sept. 4 and restore them on the walls of the building not to do that without his consent.

Sociopath also said that he never authorized sales of his artworks on bazaars and markets and called upon the public not to buy such souvenirs.

""Icons of Revolution" are held in my own collection, one of each, as well as the patterns that I used to create the trilogy in 2014. They are still covered in Maidan carbon dust... I promise you to restore the trilogy as soon as the situation gets in the right direction.

"Journalists, my apologies for not communicating with you, I don't like publicity and extra PR. Thanks for your understanding," the artist wrote.

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Author of destroyed Maidan graffiti willing to restore them personally 01Author of destroyed Maidan graffiti willing to restore them personally 02

The reports of the destroyed graffiti first appeared on Saturday evening, Sept. 2. They read that the Maidan graffiti depicting Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko and Lesia Ukrainka, painted on the facade of Emporium store at Hrushevskoho Street in Kyiv, had been destroyed by the store ownership. Kyiv prosecutor's office initiated a criminal investigation into the case.

Later, protesters came to the building. They broke the windows and covered them with graffiti, threw eggs inside, and attempted burning tires at the porch.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n453903