Former head of "DPR" "central election committee": Russia abandoned us, return to Ukraine inevitable


Former head of self-styled "central election committee" of unrecognized "Donetsk people's republic" Roman Lyagin has acknowledged that Donbas residents were fooled back in 2014.

He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I am an organizer of the referendum and responsible for the disruption of the Ukrainian election in 2014. I did what I did because I believed in it, heartily and hard-hitting. Because I believed in Russia, which would not let us down. But it did, and threw us under the tanks!" he wrote.

Lyagin said that thousands of people are being killed as animals just for a TV show.

"We have been betrayed and sold! What have we been fighting and dying for?!.. Search for answers on your own. Was it in vain? Yes, Russia that we imagined is no longer there, and maybe it never wasn't. To return to the normal life and restore the work of the enterprises, the return to Ukraine is inevitable. The Donbas is Ukraine!" he wrote.

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Lyagin was the one who helped holding "a referendum" of May 11 in 2014 and announced its outcome three ours prior to the end of the vote casting. Some time later Lyagin fell into disfavor of Donetsk terrorist leader Alexander Zakharchenko and left the occupied Donbas.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n453537