Hearing in high treason case again former President Yanukovych. REPORT


On Aug. 10, at 10 a.m., Obolonskyi district court of Kyiv held its sixth hearing in the case of high treason by former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who is charged with high treason, assistance in waging aggressive war, assistance in violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity and immunity that lead to human casualties or other grave consequences.

Censor.NET reported live from the process.

14:19Judge Deviatko says there is another hearing scheduled in the same room, so they have to postpone the hearing until Aug. 15, 2 p.m.

14:06 Prosecutor Kravchenko is asking to consider another piece of evidence - the copy of the letter written by Yanukovych to Putin, obtained from the U.N.

"In this context, I appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir V. Putin to use the armed forces of the Russian Federation to re-establish the rule of law, peace, order, stability and to protect the people of Ukraine," the letter reads.

Prosecutor Kravchenko says the Russian authorities used the letter by Yanukovych as a reason for sending in troops and legitimize them in Ukraine.

13:53Meshechek: "From what I've seen, I hear President Putin saying 'there is no need to send in troops so far.' So he said there were no Russia troops in Ukraine."

The attorney asks to find this video and report unacceptable evidence because Yanukovych is not a suspect or defendant.

13:51 Prosecutor Kravchenko: "We just heard it was the address by the defendant Yanukovych that was used as a cause for sending in troops."

13:46Court is watching the video.

Putin speaks of Ukraine and Russia being brotherly people, the unity between the military of the two countries, and peaceful scenario unveiling in Crimea. He says he has a possibility to send in the troops, but there's no need so far.

13:44Prosecutor Kravchenko aks to consider another document - video of Putin's conference on March 4, 2014.

13:33Meshechek asks to find this verbatim report an unacceptable piece of evidence. He says no decisions were made on the U.N. SC meeting, so this piece of evidence is unacceptable.

13:07Prosecutor Kravchenko asks the court to consider another verbatim report of a U.N. SC meeting on March 3. It's when Churkin showed the letter by Yanukovych to Putin where he asks to send in troops in Ukraine.

The court is watching the video.

Yanukovych drafted the letter as an acting president, and his position allowed Russian authorities occupy the peninsula, hold the referendum and annex Crimea.

13:00Yanukovych's attorney says Serhieiev only voiced his own thoughts and provided no proof of Russian troops in Crimea. He reminded that Churkin said that it was then Crimean leader Aksenov who addressed Putin, and Yanukovych only supported his address.

Meshechek again demanded to find this piece of evidence unacceptable and stressed that Yanukovych should not be a suspect or defendant in this case.

12:55Prosecutor Kravchenko said that this U.N.SC session was a start for Russia legalizing its military in Crimea.

12:37 Court is watching the video of Serhieiev's speech and subsequent discussion between him and late Russian Envoy Churkin.

12:28The hearing continues. Prosecutor Kravchenko asks to consider the verbatim report of U.N. SC session following the Federation Council meeting.

Hearing in high treason case again former President Yanukovych 01

Prosecutor asks to consider the speech of Ukrainian Envoy to U.N. Serhieiev. Court allows to, Kravchenko is reading Serhieiev's speech, where he said Russia sent in troops before the Council meeting and violated the U.N. Charter. Serhieiev then called the SC to stop the military aggression.

11:49Prosecutor presents third piece of evidence, inspection report of the Federation Council wesbite with the decision made following the discussion.

Hearing in high treason case again former President Yanukovych 02

Judges announce a 20-minute break.

11:47Judges say they will decide on acceptability of this piece of evidence in the jury room.

11:41 A Russian senator says that the Federation Council received a statement from the president of Ukraine. "In this connection, the president supports the address of the Crimean Republic to the Russian president to protect and save Crimean people."

Meshechek: "Senator said the president of Ukraine supported the address of Crimean people and recognized territorial integrity of Ukraine."

The attorney say no last names where given, including the last name Yanukovych. He says it was Russian president who addressed the Federation Council, thus the evidence should be deemed unacceptable.

11:36 Attorney Meshechek says it was a request by Putin, not Yanukovych.

He asks to show the video again in the part where a speaker mentioned Yanukovych.

Prosecutor Krym offers exact time code on the recording, assistants show the video.

11:24Court continues watching the video of the Federation Council session of March 1, 2014.

The next speaker says Ukrainians and Russians are one people speaking one language and practicing same religion. He asks to support the request of Putin to send in troops to Ukraine.

All speakers call on each other to support the proposal.

A senator reads the draft of the bill "On use of Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine."

The bill is supported unanimously; senators are applauding.

11:02 The next speaker, Ryzhkov, says the power in Kyiv was grabbed by "fascists." He says the next step of these authorities will be the east of Ukraine, and that "we must protect Crimea. We should not let Crimea go! If this plague gets Crimea, we will never have the Black Sea Fleet there again."

The next speaker says people in Rostov Oblast are worried about what's going on in Ukraine and preparing shelters for refugees.

The next speaker, Senator Panteleev, says that millions of Russians who live in Ukraine are waiting for this decision, and is citing Mayakovsky and his "comrade Mauser" poem.

The next speaker says President Yanukovych is acting president of Ukraine who was expelled from the country.

Another speaker says the U.S. is to blame for the situation.

10:36Prosecutor Krym asks to consider another document: video inspection report and verbatim record of the session of the Federation Council of March 1.

The court starts watching the 347th extraordinary session of the Federation Council of Russia, chaired by Valentina Matvienko.

Matvienko is citing Putin's address to send in troops to Ukraine "until the situation gets back to normal in this country." Everyone is applauding, no one objected.

Deputy FM Grigory Karasin says Russian citizens are under threat in Ukraine, as well as Russian military in Crimea. No questions followed.

Defense Ministry rep says the military committee recommends the Council to agree for the use of troops. No questions, again.

Committee on international affairs rep says the committee believes the troops should be sent in Ukraine.

The next speakers says Ukrainian citizens "are begging Putin to help them, as he's the only one they believe."

Prosecutor Krym interrupts and says that all speakers are voicing the myths created by the Russian propaganda TV.

10:31"The court has decided that the inspection protocols indeed need to be signed. But the protocol is correct," judge says.

The judges say the protocol includes a link to the website of the Russian president. Judge Deviatko proposes they follow the link and see the document.

Judge assistants open the link and download the letter.

"So we see the text of the letter is the same as included by the investigator," Deviatko says.

Hearing in high treason case again former President Yanukovych 03

The attorney took a look as well and had no objections.

10:28 The judge asks the lawyer to speak of this evidence only, not of the entire process.

The attorney says the printouts of the letter by President of Russia were not signed by the investigator, which is a violation.

10:23 Prosecutor Krym says all norms have been observed when the inspection record of the Russian president's website was drafted, and asks the judges to deny the motion of the attorney.

The attorney says that prosecutors want to mislead the court and want to pervert the entire justice system.

Prosecutor Kravchenko asks the court to make a remark to the lawyer and tell him such words are unacceptable.

10:12 Lawyer Meshechek says this document cannot be accepted as an evidence because the protocol of inspection of the Russian president's website was drafted improperly.

He says Yanukovych was not served his indictment correctly, so he is not a suspect in this case, and believes the trial in absentia is being used illegally.

Meshechek asks to find this inspection protocol unaccepted evidence.

10:05 Court starts consideration of evidence. Prosecutor Maksym Krym is presenting.

He is speaking of the letter of Russian president to the Russian Federation Council with a request to use Russian troops abroad. In his letter Putin said he believed there was a need to send in troops in Ukraine and asks the Council to consider the matter.

Prosecutors ask that this letter is accepted as a documentary evidence.

10:02 Judges entered the room.

Hearing in high treason case again former President Yanukovych 04

10:00 Prosecutors Maksym Krym and Ruslan Kravchenko arrived.

Hearing in high treason case again former President Yanukovych 05Hearing in high treason case again former President Yanukovych 06

Lawyer Vitalii Meshechek, who has been appointed for Yanukovych by the state, has arrived.

Hearing in high treason case again former President Yanukovych 07

Earlier, Yanukovych revoked his attorneys and decided not to participate in the hearing. Attorney Vitalii Meshechek was appointed by the state to defend him. On July 12, the court granted the motion by Meshechek to allow him some time to familiarize with the materials in the case and scheduled the next hearing for Aug. 3. On Aug. 3, the judges schedule a hearing for Aug. 15 to question important witness, former Ukrainian envoy to the U.N. Serhieiev.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n451152