Strong nominees to Supreme Court, but integrity concerns remain, - US Embassy


The candidates selected through contests for the posts of Supreme Court judges should be considered by the Supreme Council of Justice.

The U.S. Embassy of Ukraine posted on Twitter, Censor.NET reports.
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On July 28, the High Qualification Commission of Judges approved the rating list of 120 candidates for the posts within the Supreme Court of Ukraine - the judges of cassation, administrative, economic, criminal and civil courts of the Supreme Court in a competition.

The Center for Corruption Prevention said only 20 percent of the nominees that won the contest have no experience of working as a judge. The nominees list will be offered as a recommendation for appointment of the winners to judges positions in relevant courts of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

The contest started on Nov. 7, 2016. 1,436 applications were filed, of them 625 were allowed to participate in the assessment. The contest procedures had been developed and implemented by and with support of Ukrainian and international experts, with support of the EU and USAID.
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