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 US Senate supported more Russia sanctions

сша санкции

The bill passed the Senate 98-2 on Thursday.

Censor.NET reports citing Ukraine Embassy in the United States.

The bill provides for the following policies of the United States:

- support Ukrainian government in establishing sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine;
- condemnation and countering all destabilizing efforts of the Russian government in Ukraine;
- nonrecognition of illegal annexation of Crimea by Russian government, or dismembering any part of Ukraine with the use of military force;
- providing aid for reforming the energy sector of Ukraine and weakening its dependence on Russian energy resources;
- continued opposition to Nord Stream II project implementation.

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The document also formalizes existing Russia sanctions, creates a mechanism that obliges the U.S. president to coordinate weakening of Russia sanctions with the Congress; stipulates for possible introduction of sanctions against Russia state enterprises of iron and steel and mining sectors, as well as railways; enhances Russia sectoral sanctions in financial and energy sectors; stipulates for introduction of sanctions in connection with Russian anti-cyber security activities.

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The law authorizes the president of the United States, in coordination with the United States allies, to impose sanctions against individuals and legal entities that promote the development and servicing of Russian export oil and gas pipelines.

The bill provides for the creation of a fund to counteract Russian influence and allocates $250 million to its budget for the financial years 2018-2019. $30 million are allocated for implementation of initiatives to support energy security in Ukraine.
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