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 Police unveils names of attackers, shooting details in Dnipro City incident

убийство стрельба днепр

The names of participants and the details of yesterday's armed conflict in Dnipro that left two Donbas war veterans killed have been revealed.

Sources in police told Censor.NET.

The participants of the conflict included:

1. Pabiler Davyd Valeriiovych, born in 1976, shotgun wound in left hip;

2. Kalashnykov Davyd Leonidovych, born in 1981, penetrating abdominal wound, shotgun wound of right posterior, penetrating wound of right knee joint;

3. Lakiza Oleksandr Kostiantynovych, born in 1982, left hip and left lower leg wounds;

4. Yelchyshchev Stanislav Dmytrovych, born in 1992, gunshot fracture of calf bone, penetrating wound of right foot, penetrating wound of right knee joint;

5. Saakian Edmond Vyachelsavovych, born in 1966, shotgun wound of anterior abdominal wall, penetrating wound of right foot, penetrating wound of right knee joint;

6. Ivashchuk Maksym Volodymyrovych, born in 1981, penetrating shotgun wound of abdomen. Ivashchuk died of his wounds in a hospital.

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The police said that Syrena plan that had been announced after the incident was terminated at 11:10 p.m., as the vehicle of the attackers and the persons themselves were found.

Law enforcers have voiced a preliminary version of the events.

At around 7 p.m. at D.O.M. restaurant at 92 Gagarina Avenue the meeting between the two sides of the conflict took place.

"After Saakian told Nokhshon he did not agree he owed him $119,000, Lakiza, who was present at the meeting, stood up, stepped aside, and made a phone call," police said.

Some five minutes later, about eight people approached the terrace of the restaurant and started beating Saakian brothers. One of the attackers had a gun.

While Edmond Saakian was trying to reach for his non-lethal pistol, a machine gun burst sound was heard. Saakian brothers left the terrace and hid behind their Toyota Camry parked outside.

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They managed to reach for their Vulkan short rifle belonging to Eduard Saakian. The brothers fired upon the attackers, and they dispersed.

Edmond Saakian was wounded in his abdomen and delivered to a hospital by his brother.

A criminal investigation under paragraph 1 part 2 article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (pre-meditated murder) has been initiated regarding the shooting that occurred at 8 p.m. of July 24 in Dnipro, police said.

As reported, in the evening of July 24, well-known volunteer fighter and attorney to victims of May 9 clashes in Dnipro Edmond Saakian was wounded by unknown persons from automated weapon. ATO veteran Oleksii Vahner, who served with Saakian in the 20th battalion of the 93rd brigade, was killed on spot. Another former ATO participant, Maksym Ivashchuk, received a fatal wound and died on his way to the hospital.
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