"I don’t want to dignify it with a response," - US Department of State spokesperson Nauert on separatists' announcements of "Malorossiya"


The U.S. Department of State said on Tuesday they are concerned with the recent announcement of "DPR" leader Zakharchenko to create "Malorossiya" instead of independent Ukraine, but said it would not dignify it with a response.

Censor.NET reports citing July 18 briefing in Washington, D.C. by spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State Heather Nauert.

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Answering a question about Russian-backed rebels in east Ukraine, who have proclaimed the creation of a new state, Nauert said:

"So here's what we had heard: that the so-called separatists - and notice I call them "so-called separatists" - want to see a new state. That new state would be in place of Ukraine. That is something that's certainly an area of concern to us, but I just don't - beyond that, I don't want to dignify it with a response," she said.

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Earlier, "Donetsk people's republic" terrorist leader Alexander Zakharchenko proposed to create a new state "Malorossiya" as legal successor of Ukraine for the transition period of three years. His planned state is to have a non-aligned status, aim at restoring connections with Russia and join the Union state of Russia and Belarus.

Germany and France have subsequently called on Russia to condemn the statements made by the so-called leaders of self-styled republic regarding "Malorossiya."Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n448315