Presumable damage from activities of Klymenko group is 6 billion hryvnia at 2011 exchange rate, - Avakov told of special operation in Kyiv


The second stage of the large-scale joint operation by the National Police and the Military Prosecutor's Office within investigation into state funds embezzlement by Yanukovych regime is underway in Kyiv.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

This stage of the operation is being conducted in Kyiv, Avakov said, and concerns personally former minister of revenues and taxes Oleksandr Klymenko.

Investigators say the activities of persons headed by former minister Klymenko have inflicted damage of $788 million during 2011-2013.

"Ex-Minister Klymenko during 2011-2013 registered a number of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus in the name of his father. The money withdrawn from the budget with the help of those "tax evasion schemes" were legalized in European banks through these offshore accounts and returned to Ukraine, but to private companies!

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"From 2011 until early 2014, the accounts of UNISON, media holding Vesti, and two other asset management companies owned by relatives of the fugitive minister who served the "Yanukovych family" received more than $788 million," Avakov wrote.

He said UNISON group of companies with this money bought 78 elite apartments, 28 office premises, five buildings, 41 parking spots, 11 land plots in Kyiv, Odesa, and Donetsk, 23 cars, three floors of Gulliver business center, and 1,000 railway cars.

"All of this has been bringing revenues until now (!) to Klymenko and probably the entire "family", and has been a source of financing for Vesti media holding," the minister wrote.

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Avakov said today's searches, 151 of them, will aim at blocking all property bought with this money until it is confiscated by the states.
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