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 MP Pashynskyi on state budget bill amendments: This upends the saga of return of funds stolen by Yanukovych to people of Ukraine


On July 13, Ukrainian parliament passed the amendments to the state budget bill and distributed more than 40 billion hryvnia confiscated from fugitive Ukrainian president Yanukovych and his cronies.

This was announced by People's Front MP, head of parliamentary committee on defense and national security Serhii Pashynskyi on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"Today, the saga of the return of funds stolen by Yanukovych and his cronies to the people of Ukraine has been upended. Over two years me and my team have been fighting demagogues, populists, and small corrupted officials for the return of this money to the state budget of Ukraine.

"These evil spirits have blocked the adoption of the special confiscation bill. However, thanks to the Prosecutor General's Office, we succeeded. Despite the blockade that was organized yesterday in the Verkhovna Rada by "corruption fighters" who had always thought of this money as of their own, we managed to adopt timely amendments to the state budget and redistribute the funds.

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"Just as we promised, additional 4.5 billion hryvnia [$173.08 million - ed.] have been allocated for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 800 million hryvnia - to border guards, 1 billion - for the National Police and National Guard, 4.5 billion on rural healthcare, and 1 billion for the roads.

"Certainly, these funds will not solve all the problems, but this is the first and serious step of our real efforts that we promised to aim at our state development. Many thanks to those who supported us in this violent and, thanks God, successful struggle," Pashynskyi said.

On July 13, Rada adopted amendments to the state budget 2017 by increasing the income by 40.7 billion hryvnia.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n447761