Court arrested material evidence in Rozenblat and Poliakov case


Solomianskyi district court of Kyiv, upon the motion of a NABU detective, has imposed arrest on personal belongings of suspects in Rozenblat and Poliakov case.

Censor.NET reports citing the Unified Registry of Judicial Decisions.

The court arrested the documents seized on June 19 during search in Tri Vilki restaurant, which are certificates for land plots in the Zhytomyr region.

Two iPhones of beige color and one iPhone 6 of black color have been arrested. They belong to Vadym Rudenko, head of Deputatskyi Kontrol, the organization which allegedly received $11,000 for legalization of an amber business.

$1,400 found in the apartment of Kostiantyn Proskurko have been arrested. NABU says Proskurko is an accomplice of Rudenko. The seized bills bear same serial numbers as the money offered by NABU agent Syvokin as a bribe to Deputatskyi Kontrol.

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A Xiaomi smartphone belonging to Viktor Kosianchuk has been arrested as material evidence. Detectives say Kosianchuk was an intermediary for passing $11,000 to Deputatskyi Kontrol. He as a lawyer was drafting the bills that Rozenblat and Poliakov were to register in the parliament for voting.

Another piece of material evidence is Apple laptop of Poliakov's assistance Tetiana Liubonko. Detectives found Viber chat records in her laptop that are seen as evidence in the criminal case.

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Liubonko's Apple iPhone, $800 долларов, and an MP assistance ID have been arrested. On the woman's cellphone, a messenger history about bills on tax and customs codes amendments has been found.

NABU says Liubonko transferred $7,500 in bribe for Poliakov; some of the money was subsequently spent on buying cellphones for the MP and his wife.

On July 13, Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko said he served indictments to MPs Maksym Poliakov, People's Front, and Boryslav Rozenblat (Petro Poroshenko Bloc). Rada voted in favor of lifting their immunity but failed to support their detention and arrest.

MPs Rozenblat and Poliakov are suspected of receiving bribes for lobbying interests of Fujeira company for amber mining purposes.

Rozenblat's bodyguard was detained by officers of National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) on June 19. He had a bag with $200,000 in cash in it. He later agreed to cooperate with the investigation.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n447758