"I withdrew from my MP mandate," - Konstantinovskyi. DOCUMENT (in Ukrainian)

Independent MP Viacheslav Konstantinovskyi announced he had withdrawn from his MP mandate.

He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Today [July 13 - ed.] I made a decision that made me feel much better. I have written a statement of withdrawal from my MP mandate. Tomorrow morning it will be in the Rada secretariat, and hope will be voted during the next session. I first wanted to do it six months after election, but postponed it, hoped I would get used to it.

"I haven't become a real politician... firstly because being yourself is pretty much non-affordable luxury for a politician. Success is politics depends on ability to promise, to lie, and to pretend. Although there must be some exclusions... I didn't mean to offend everyone.

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"These almost three years were a nightmare in my life!

"I had an ID, immunity, and a "great" salary. I never used my immunity, went through checks by State Fiscal Service, Prosecutor General's Office voluntarily... I donated my salary to an orphanage, and used my ID just once... when the story with 'diamond prosecutors' took off. I didn't have a business to protect and didn't have time for a business. But I learned to wake up early and to spend a lot of time sitting and reading tons of papers. I started smoking instead of going to a gym))).

"Honestly, I never accepted a bribe... I didn't refuse MP requests, and helped to assist those who asked me to. Unfortunately, I didn't succeed all the time. My bills not always made it to the agenda... for you have no leverage without a faction.

"... I wish this parliament success with the reforms, but without me. I hope to be more useful working in business. I think our restaurants and clubs made Kyiv more comfortable and European," Konstantinovskyi wrote.

Below is his statement to the speaker of the parliament.
I withdrew from my MP mandate, - Konstantinovskyi 01

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