More than 6 million hryvnia deducted from MPs salaries for absenteeism, - Rada Speaker Parubii


Between June 2016 and June 2017, 6,220,450 hryvnia ($239,248) was held back from MPs salaries for absence at their workplace. The funds have been returned to the state budget.

This was announced by Verkhovna Rada speaker Andrii Parubii in an interview with Censor.NET, in response to a question about optimization of the parliament's work and poor attendance by MPs.

"I have always believed that the issue of attendance and just presence on the workplace is one of the key issues in the context of decision-making. And here it was not only individual conversations that could make sense, but two aspects have been also involved. The first is wage deduction from salaries for absence. If a people's deputy of Ukraine does not register for a plenary meeting, his/her salary for that day is deducted. Over the calendar year, from June 2016 to June 2017, 6,220,450 hryvnia 25 kopecks was deducted from the salaries of people's deputies for non-attendance.This money has been returned to the state budget," Parubii said.

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But the most efficient method is public pressure, Parubii says.

He said that when there were too few MPs in the parliamentary hall to vote the bills, he would initiate publishing the names of absent MPs in governmental Holos Ukrainy newspaper.

Parubii said this method was much more efficient than fines and other administrative measures.
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