Parliamentary regulation committee dismissed PGO motion to arrest MP Poliakov, says it is ill founded

The regulation committee of the Verkhovna Rada found the motion by the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) to indict and arrest MP Maksym Poliakov ill founded.

This was announced by first deputy head of the committee Pavlo Pynzenyk, Censor.NET's parliamentary correspondent reports.

The committee said the motion to arrest Poliakov is ill founded.

Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko said he was happy with the committee's decision.

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Lutsenko sent to the Rada the motion to agree for indictment and arrest of MP Maksym Poliakov on June 21. Prosecutor general says Poliakov might have accepted a bribe of $7,500.

On the same day, the court ruled to arrest Poliakov's assistance Tetiana Liubonko for two months. Later, the woman was released on 160,000 hryvnia ($6,150) bail. She is obliged to wear an electronic bracelet and not to communicate with other defendants in the case.

Investigation says Liubonko was an intermediary to pass $7,500 in bribe to the MP for amendments in the Tax and Customs Codes. The money was offered by an alleged private company that wanted to mine amber in Ukraine. Investigation says the money was spent on two cell phones for Poliakov and his wife.

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On July 3, the regulation committee of the Rada considered a motion by Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko on giving consent to prosecute People's Deputy Yevhen Deidei, People's Front.
The committee ruled that the PGO's motion was "not enough substantiated and motivated, and does not contain concrete facts."

On July 4, the committee considered a motion to prosecute People's Deputy Oles Dovhyi, independent. The MPs ruled to send the motion for consideration of the Rada speaker.

On July 5, the committee considered a motion to prosecute MP Andrii Lozovyi. It ruled that the motion was ill founded and should be sent for consideration of the Rada speaker.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n446780