Extradition of Kuznetsov and Kulub will be crime against state, - journalist

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If Ukraine lets go Russian FSB employees Vladimir Kuznetsov and Askar Kulub, it will show its negligence of Ukrainian citizens kidnapped and tortured by FSB terrorists. This will be a shame for state security agencies of Ukraine.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"Extradition of FSB employees Kuznetsov and Kulub will be a crime against the state! The Ukrainian court sentenced the Russian military who were detained at crossing state border to 15 days of arrest; they might be released and let go back to Russia in a week!

Butusov reminded the details of the detention: the two were captured by Ukrainian military on June 30 at night, when they landed in the Kherson region on a boat, wearing civilian clothes, allegedly lost during drills.

"How can we let the violators go if there are so many Ukrainians detained for no reason in Crimea? If Oleh Sentsov and Yevhen Panov report of terrible tortures in FSB prisons, with which comrades of Kuznetsov and Kulub kick confessions out of our citizens under fake charges?" asks the journalist.

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"Why are we showing this loss of teeth? Ukrainian journalist Sushchenko was arrested in Moscow for no reasons, and charged by FSB of espionage! They have cynically trumped up the case against him! I want to remind you that prior to his invasion in Ukraine, FSB Colonel Girkin visited Kyiv without arms one month in advance; he conducted reconnaissance and examined the situation, as he said.

"FSB is one of the key agencies that wages the war against Ukraine, and it has been involved in terrorist attacks in Ukraine's territory. FSB should be recognized as a terrorist organization; letting its officers go, those who came here illegally, is unacceptable.... If we let Kuznetsov and Kulub go we will show negligence towards Ukrainian citizens kidnapped and tortured by FSB terrorists. This will be a shame for state security agencies of Ukraine. This should not be allowed," Butusov wrote.

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At night of June 30, Ukrainian border guards and Armed Forces fighters detained two border guard officers of Russia's Security Service (FSB). Later, the court ruled to sentence both of them to 15 days of administrative arrest and a fine of 320 hryvnia each ($12). All seized property would be returned, including the boat that the saboteurs used to enter mainland Ukraine from occupied Crimea.
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