You will not enter Europe with Bandera: Polish FM Waszczykowski on Ukraine's EU integration prospects


Ukraine and Poland still have tensions regarding issues from the two states' common history.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Polish FM Witold Waszczykowski in an interview to wPolityce.

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"We are preparing the visit of President Andrzej Duda to Kyiv. Last year, President Petro Poroshenko visited Warsaw with half of its government," Waszczykowski said answering a question of Ukraine-Poland relations.

The minister also said that the matters of history might harm the relations between the two countries.

"Historical issues, of course, are the worst. Our message is clear: You will not enter Europe with Bandera [Ukrainian national hero, deemed an enemy by some Poles, - ed.]. We say that loud and quiet. And we will not repeat our mistakes from the 90s, when we did not close some issues with Germany and Lithuania. I mean the status of Polish minorities in those countries. Having had this experience, we will demand from Ukraine that all matters are solved before Kyiv stands at the gates of Europe with a request for membership," the Polish FM said.

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