Jury declared "'DPR' court chief" not guilty

суд фемида правосудие

Selydove city court of the Donetsk region has declared "chief of the court of the 'DPR'" [self-styled republic in Donbas] Eduard Yakubovsky not guilty in absentia over lack of crime evidence.

Censor.NET reports citing the court ruling of June 12.

Yakubovsky is a Russian citizen. He headed the "Supreme court of the 'DPR'" in September 2014, and has been coordinating the court system in the occupied areas since then.

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Ukraine has charged him with assistance to a terrorist organization under the Criminal Code of Ukraine, leading to 8-15 years in prison. The crime was investigated by the Donetsk region prosecution office.

The indictment included description of numerous crimes committed by the terrorist organization and the charged person, including mass killings, seizure of towns and villages, terrorist attacks.

However, the court ruled that there was a lack of crime evidence - no questioning of victims, no protocols of body examinations, no expertise or damage analysis.

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The court also said it had no evidence of existence of the terrorist organization, and no proof that Yakubovsky was hiding from prosecution. The suspect hasn't been served an indictment in person as well.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n445820