Deputy Speaker Syroid announces hunger strike following Bereziuk

Ukraine's parliamentary deputy speaker Oksana Syroid has announced her solidarity with Samopomich faction leader Oleh Bereziuk and said she would join him on a hunger strike.

She said from the parliamentary rostrum on Tuesday, Censor.NET 's Rada correspondent reports.

"Lviv is just an example of resistance to your lies and mayhem. Just one small example. Today, I would like to support Oleh Bereziuk. I will join him. I will be by his side. I will go on hunger strike to try to protect people from your mayhem. This is my deed and my choice, and I suggest that Lviv residents unite and ask the president to dismiss [Lviv] governor Syniutka, who has been giving and fulfilling criminal orders and humiliating the dignity of Lviv residents," Syroid said.

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Prior to that Syroid addressed the president, the prime minister, coalition MPs and "all those who depreciate the deed of Bereziuk."

"You are having hard time seeing accomplishments because you lack those of your own. You depreciate it over fear and helplessness because you lie. You know that you lie. You've been lying since you said you would live a new life, but in fact you just leashed the old scheme. You lied when you promised to amend the election law that allowed Yanukovych grab the power, as this law now serves you. You've been lying for 25 years when you promised to cancel parliamentary immunity. You promised to investigate the Maidan crimes but you're scared you'll reveal yourself. You promised the blind trust, but people were shocked when they saw your declarations. Reforms that you promised only hide flow distribution. You steal from the defense budget of the people who are at war.... Maybe it's just a new fashion of waging a war, but I wonder for which factory you will sell the state this time?"

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Yesterday, Head of Samopomich Party parliamentary faction Oleh Bereziuk announced a hunger strike. "...I have made a decision - as a man, as a people's deputy protesting against mocking the people, protesting against mocking the city that is a symbol of freedom, supporting Lviv residents, who have always been tolerant towards the authorities because they believe in the state and want to see it, while this state, embodied by the central government, cynically makes fun of them; demanding to stop this mocking, stop this lies in the state I have made an extraordinary decision (I never thought I would do it here, in the 21st century) - I announce a hunger strike," Bereziuk said.

The Samopomich faction head did not say a word of the garbage problem in Lviv, but it is the most acute issue for the city at the moment. Local authorities asked the Cabinet to announce environmental emergency in the city over uncollected garbage. In response, Prime Minister Hroisman addressed Lviv Mayor Sadovyi: "Let me say sorry to Lviv residents that you hadn't solved this problem in 11 years." Sadovyi responded: "I expected more adequate response from the prime minister than elementary rudeness."

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