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 Ukrainian fighters detained group of military doctors in Donbas on June 18, - ATO deputy commander Rozmaznin


The Russian military got lost in the Donbas and were detained by servicemen of the Ukrainian army.

Major General, deputy ATO (anti-terrorist operation) commander Oleksandr Rozmaznin told journalists in Kramatorsk, Censor.NET reports citing OstroV.

"The most recent detention occurred yesterday. Graduates of the St. Petersburg medical academy, after celebration of the Medics' Day, took a wrong direction and ended up on our territory. We do detain (Russian military), detain a lot. But the thing is we cannot tell the press about everything. Certain agencies take the detainees away from us. Our task is to fight. Detain and give away. The rest is not our business," Rozmaznin said.

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Major general said the Ukrainian servicemen detain Russian military in the Donbas quite often.

"I cannot say it's everyday, that would not be true, but quite often," the deputy ATO commander said.

Rozmaznin did not give the number of yesterday's detainees.
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