MP Bereziuk, Samopomich, goes on hunger strike over garbage issue in Lviv

Head of Samopomich Party parliamentary faction Oleh Bereziuk has announced a hunger strike.

He made the statement during a coordination meeting of the Rada on Monday, Censor.NET's parliamentary correspondent reports.

Bereziuk said he made this extraordinary decision and did not believe it was possible in the 21st century.

"Lviv is currently occupied by the enemy. A year ago the city, which has always been and will always be at the frontline of fighting for Ukraine during all times, including modern, saw the enemy coming. For the past year, it has been cynically lying and mocking both the city authorities and its residents....

"Having analyzed all of that, I have made a decision - as a man, as a people's deputy protesting against mocking the people, protesting against mocking the city that is a symbol of freedom, supporting Lviv residents, who have always been tolerant towards the authorities because they believe in the state and want to see it, while this state, embodied by the central government, cynically makes fun of them; demanding to stop this mocking, stop this lies in the state I have made an extraordinary decision (I never thought I would do it here, in the 21st century) - I announce a hunger strike," Bereziuk said.

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The Samopomich faction head did not say a word of the garbage problem in Lviv, but it is the most acute issue for the city at the moment. Local authorities asked the Cabinet to announce environmental emergency in the city over uncollected garbage. In response, Prime Minister Hroisman addressed Lviv Mayor Sadovyi: "Let me say sorry to Lviv residents that you hadn't solved this problem in 11 years." Sadovyi responded: "I expected more adequate response from the prime minister than elementary rudeness."
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