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 Euromaidan participant testified in court: "At that moment I felt blood running down my back"

June 13, Sviatoshynskyi district court of Kyiv continued questioning of victims of the Feb. 20, 2014 events on Maidan.

Censor.NET correspondent reports from the courtroom.

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Bohdan Datsyshyn, who came to Kyiv by bus from Lviv on Feb. 20, 2014, testified in court today. He recalled protesters on Instytutska Street throwing Molotov cocktails and burning tires to prevent Berkut riot policemen from seeing and shooting them.

"I saw a bag with cocktails, and thought I should bring it to the guys... I sat down on my hunkers... Then I started to get up and felt it from behind. I thought it was a grenade, a fragment that wounded me. Then I saw there was no smoke. And at that moment I felt blood running down my back. I told the guys: 'I'm wounded, I'm wounded.' That moment, another man was lying there completely white... The guys hid behind the shields. In order not to bleed, I started getting away from there," Datsyshyn said.

Further, he reached Zhovtnevyi Palats, a HQ for protesters, and then Main Post Office, where volunteer medics provided him with first aid.

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"It turned out it got into my neck and got out through shoulder blade... I didn't even feel it right away. Into my neck, near the carotid," the witness said.

Datsyshyn says he didn't see who was firing and from what direction.

On Feb. 20, 2014, 48 participants of the protests were killed, 80 were wounded in clashes between Maidan protesters and law enforcement agencies.

Five former Berkut soldiers are being tried in the case: Serhii Zinchenko, Pavlo Abroskin, Oleh Yanyshevskyi, Serhii Tamtura, and Oleksandr Marynchenko.
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