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 Interior Minister Avakov on attempt on Osmaev: Chain leading to certain Russia leaders recorded

The suspect in the case of attempt on Osmaev is able to testify.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said the chain linked to the attempt on Chechen volunteer fighter of the Ukrainian Army Adam Osmaev leads to 'certain Russian leaders,' Censor.NET reports citing 112.

"The public will get the details when the case is in court. But we have recorded the motives of the crime, its essence, the long chain leading to some Russian leaders has been recorded. Nothing more can be announced now," he said.

Avakov added that the suspect is currently in moderate condition and is able to testify.

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In the evening of June 1, an attempt was made on the lives of Chechen volunteer fighters of Ukrainian Kyiv-2 unit, Donbas war participants Adam Osmaev and Amina Okueva in Kyiv's Podil district. The attacker passed himself as a foreign journalist who allegedly wanted to interview them, got close to them, opened fire from a gun, and wounded Osmaev. His wife Okueva, to protect herself and repulse the attacker, opened fire and gravely wounded the killer. Both men have been taken to hospital with grave wounds. Osmaev is convicted by Russia of alleged attempt on President Putin.
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