NATO implements biggest reinforcement of collective defense due to Russia's aggression in Ukraine, - Stoltenberg


Member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance are ready to continue strengthening their collective defense in order to be able to resist the possible aggression of the Russian Federation.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with VOA, Censor.NET reports.

The head of NATO says members of the alliance are united in their stance toward Russia in a way they have not been for many years.

According to him, NATO is committed to stepping up its defense while at the same time continuing dialogue with Russia.

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"The dual track approach, meaning we have to be strong, we have to deliver credible deterrence and defense, that is the reason we are implementing the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense now as a response to what Russia did in Ukraine," Stoltenberg said. "It's not an easy dialogue, but that's exactly why the dialogue is important."

The approach is a modern version of the Cold War NATO "dual-track" decision that linked deployments of U.S. long-range theater nuclear forces to proposals for negotiations with Moscow over Soviet forces in Eastern Europe.
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