"This mafia will go to jail," - Tymoshenko threatens authorities following 2009 gas deal accusations

Ukrainian authorities use the ruling of the Stockholm court "in order to destroy the Batkivshchyna party being in opposition to them."

As reported by Censor.NET this was announced by Batkivshchyna leader Yuliia Tymoshenko during a meeting of the conciliatory council of the leaders of parliament's factions, committees and groups, commenting on the gas contract she concluded as the head of the cabinet back in 2009.

According to Tymoshenko, the "take-or-pay" principle is part of a model contract for all European consumers of Russian gas. But in 2011, the European Commission recognized it as a monopoly requirement (which can not be present in contracts), after which all EU countries began to abolish this rule.

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"Now Ukraine has abolished it, and there is nothing extraordinary about this," the ex-premier said, stressing that during eight years Ukraine has not paid a cent under the "take-or-pay" principle.

Tymoshenko also noted that "in 2009, the price of gas was $232.98 and not $450," which is confirmed in the lawsuit against her.

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"Today, this corrupt government has set a price for Ukrainian gas for the people at $285 per thousand cubic meters. And I am now making commitment to the people of Ukraine that this mafia will go to jail for this - for robbing people by selling Ukrainian gas at a higher price than that of Russian gas after the 2009 contract," said Tymoshenko.

As reported, in 2009 Yuliia Tymoshenko signed a contract with Vladimir Putin on the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine. The contract contained the "take-or-pay" principle stipulating fines for Ukraine in the event it failed to take the amount of Russian gas specified in the contract.

This principle became the reason for Ukraine's Naftohaz to take action in the Stockholm Arbitration Institute in 2014. The company demanded that Gazprom cancel the "take-or-pay" principle and pay out a compensation in the amount of $30.3 billion for revising the tariff for transporting the fuel via the European gas transportation system.

On May 31, the Stockholm Arbitration Institute passed a judgment on the dispute between Naftohaz Ukrainy and Gazprom regarding the 2009 gas contract.

The court ordered to:
1) abolish the "take-or-pay" principle;
2) cancel the prohibition to re-export gas;
3) revise the 2014 price formula (a European price was introduced).
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