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 Stockholm arbitration court said Russia's gas price for Ukraine was not "brotherly," - Naftohaz head Koboliev


The court's ruling in the ligation between Ukraine's Naftohaz and Russia's Gazprom (major gas companies of the two countries) has proven that the gas price for Ukraine was not the lowest.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Naftohaz of Ukraine head Andrii Koboliev in a commentary to TSN.

"The most difficult thing for Gazprom was to acknowledge the fact that the price Mr. Putin called a 'European' one, some 'brotherly' or special price for Ukraine was revised by the court to lower level. This means that the price we had been paying prior to that was not what they called it - it was not brotherly, it was not low, it was not special. For that, you need no more court. It's a proven fact. Regardless of whether Gazprom likes it or not," Koboliev said.

"I am sure that if we were still dependent on Gazprom for gas deliveries in winter, we would have faced the same fact that we were faced with in January 2009: you either sign it, or we stop the deliveries," the official said.

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As reported, on May 31 Stockholm arbitration court made a ruling in a litigation between Ukraine's Naftohaz and Russia's Gazprom on the contract of 2009 for gas deliveries from Russia to Ukraine.

The arbitration ruled:

1. the "take or pay" condition removed;
2. reexport ban canceled;
3. price formula revised since 2014 (European price introduced).
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