Ukraine and France to make biopic about Anne of Kyiv

Two companies, Ukraine's Kinorob and France's Dadafilms, have announced they were making a historical drama about Anne of Kyiv.

The shooting is scheduled for summer and fall of 2018 in Ukraine and France, and the premiere - for 2019, Censor.NET reports citing Novoe Vremia.

Currently, the movie's script is at the final stage. The cast has been approved.

The movie is to be directed by Yves Angelo, cameraman - Serhii Mykhalchuk.

The goal of the crew is to make a movie for larger audiences both in Ukraine and France, and other countries as well. The movie will show the role of Yaroslav the Wise and his dynasty in France's statehood.

The script is based on the novel by Jacqueline Dauxois "Anne de Kiev: reine de France."

"The historic figure of Anna Yaroslavna is full of energy. Now, just like 1,000 years ago, it draws attention and becomes a subject of historical disputes in modern Europe. Our movie is to give a comprehensive answer about the background of the Kyiv princess, the queen of France," project producer Oksana Melnychuk said.

Earlier, during his visit to France, Russian president Putin said that Anna Yaroslavna was Russian, causing a stir among Ukrainians and at the foreign ministries level.

Anne de Kiev, as she is known in France, was the daughter of Kyiv Prince Yaroslav the Wise. In 1051 she married French king Henry I and became the queen of France.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n442521