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 "Killer turned out sophisticated bit of goods - he used to kill Chechens in Europe," - Okueva


Adam Osmaev is conscious, but not able to testify due to respirator.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Osmaev's wife Amina Okueva on her Facebook page.

"I could see Adam for a couple of minutes. He is conscious but not able to talk due to a respirator.

"His condition is quite stable, but remember that the first three days are crucial in situations like his. Please, keep praying.

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"By the way, the Muslim fasting that we did on that terrible day (yesterday) turned out helpful for a surgery on Adam. To put it short, hollow organs in his abdomen turned out empty and unhurt, and this allowed to transfuse him his own blood from the wounded liver. However, they had to cut out a part of a wounded lung and stitch his torn diaphragm. The most important thing now is positive hemodynamics (condition) during the first three days.

"And the killer turned out a sophisticated bit of goods - his remnants of consciousness carry numerous murders of Chechens, including in Europe. I am glad he was punished by me.... But that was not my achievement - it was the will of Allah during this holy month," Okueva wrote.

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In the evening of June 1, an attempt was made on the lives of Chechen volunteer fighters of Ukrainian Kyiv-2 unit, Donbas war participants Adam Osmaev and Amina Okueva in Kyiv's Podil district. The attacker passed himself as a foreign journalist who allegedly wanted to interview them, got close to them, opened fire from a gun, and wounded Osmaev. His wife Okueva, to protect herself and repulse the attacker, opened fire and gravely wounded the killer. Both men have been taken to hospital with grave wounds. Osmaev is convicted by Russia of alleged attempt on President Putin.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n442492