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 Osmaev attacker survived and will testify, - interior minister adviser Herashchenko

покушение окуева

Killer who attacked Donbas war participant Adam Osmaev in Kyiv on June 1 was wounded by Osmaev's wife Amina Okueva. He survived, is guarded and will testify.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by People's Front MP, adviser to interior minister Anton Herashchenko on Facebook on June 1.

"Another terrorist attack organized from the territory of the Russian Federation has just taken place in Kyiv.

"A killer, who passed himself as a journalist of French newspaper Le Monde Alex Verner, agreed an interview with a couple of my acquaintances, Adam Osmaev and Amina Okueva, who used to be persecuted by Putin and volunteered to defend Ukraine.

"During the interview, the bastard took out a Glock and started shooting at Adam Osmaev. Amina Okueva kept her wits, took out a gun she was awarded with by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov for loyal service in Kyiv-2 volunteer battalion, and shot the killer four times.

"Adam Osmaev with two gunshot wounds and the loser killer were taken to a Kyiv hospital.

"They were provided medical aid and have been stabilized. Both the killer and Adam Osmaev are guarded by police special units. Measures to prevent the killer from a suicide have been taken.

"Now the facts.

"The killer possessed documents of Ukrainian citizen - Dakar Oleksandr Venusovych, born in 1958.

"Police and security services are checking whether this person is real and his records.

"We can see this man received his Ukrainian passport on Feb. 10, 2016, his foreign passport - Feb. 15, 2016, his ID number - Feb. 11, 2016.

"Was that a coincidence? Don't think so.

"This citizen of Ukraine is, probably, not Dakar Oleksandr Venusovych. He is another person who had been traveling to Russia regularly to receive instructions from the Center.

"His most recent return from Russia was in mid-May. After that he suddenly decided to contact Adam Osmaev and Amina Okueva as a Le Monde journalist.

"Another coincidence? Don't think so.

"The investigation will look into all possible motives into this assassination attempt.

"Of course, it will have the 'Chechen trace,' popularized by Russian propaganda media and their cronies in Ukraine.

"A second version that is obvious here - this is an attempt of a well-thought and organized contract murder that was prepared by a killer infiltrated in Ukraine in advance, trained by Russian security forces.

"Here comes up the story of Denys Voronenkov assassination, committed by killer Parshov, who walked in Ukraine from Belarus in the same February of 2016, after he was trained in Russia....

"As for the killer, he awaits the trial and, probably, life term, if he doesn't cooperate with the investigation and does not give the details of his recruitment and organization of this attempt."

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MP Dmytro Linko wrote on Facebook that Osmaev has three wounds, the killer has four and is in grave condition and might die.

In the evening of June 1, an attempt was made on the lives of Chechen volunteer fighters of Ukrainian Kyiv-2 unit, Donbas war participants Adam Osmaev and Amina Okueva in Kyiv's Podil district.

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