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 Suspect in journalist Serhiienko murder detained on another charge, - Advocacy Advisory Panel

суд сергиенко

Citizen Melnyk, suspected of organization of murder of Maidan activist and reporter Vasyl Serhiienko, has been arrested on another charge.

Censor.NET reports citing Advocacy Advisory Panel.

The conflict at the Appeals Court in Cherkasy yesterday has ended with some sort of a victory, the Panel reported. Melnyk, who is suspected of murder of journalist Serhiienko and was released yesterday, has been detained on another charge.

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On May 30, judges ruled to release the suspect for house arrest. In response, Donbas war veterans, volunteers and activists blocked the cage with the suspect and the judges from leaving the building. At some point, there were 200 people blocking the court for its decision.

Suspect in journalist Serhiienko murder detained on another charge, - Advocacy Advisory Panel 01

Supporters of Melnyk were also present. Before the hearing, they told people's deputy Oleh Petrenko that they were paid to come and secure unhampered release of the suspect from the court building. This might be an indication that the outcome of the ruling was known before the yesterday's trial, the Panel says.

The many hour conflict ended with a new charge for Melnyk (creation of a criminal gang). The indictment was read out and presented to the suspect among the activists that were blocking the court. During the next 72 hours the court will choose another restraint measure for Melnyk.

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On April 4, 2014, Vasyl Serhiienko, an active participant of the Revolution of Dignity and a hero of Ukraine, was beaten and kidnapped from his home courtyard in Korsun Shevchenkivskyi. On the next day his body was found 15 kilometers from the town, in Vyhraievskyi forest, with handcuffs and signs of tortures.

May 16, Cherkasy region police and prosecutors detained in Kyiv a person suspected of organizing a high-profile murder of Serhiienko. The detained person was Melnyk V.A., who worked as a security guard of a people's deputy in 2014, and has been hiding and put on the wanted list after the assassins were detained.

Censor.NET believes the suspect is a former chief of security for MP Hennadii Bobov. Earlier, Serhiienko's colleagues said Bobov was linked to the crime.
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