Ukraine's Foreign Ministry explained grounds for refusal of EU entry for Ukraine citizens within visa-free regime


Persons on wanted or ban lists might be refused entry in the EU.

Censor.NET reports citing the Consulate Service Department of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry on Facebook.

The Department stated the following reasons that might lead to banning a citizen from entry to the EU without a visa:

• A citizen in on the list of persons who pose a threat to public order, public health, or interior security;

• A citizen is on the list of persons who are banned from entering at least one EU country;

• A citizen has been convicted in any EU country for a crime that leads to punishment of at least one year in prison;

• A citizen is a subject to a decision of exclusion from a country, which is made in cases of illegal stay;

• If there is evidence of a citizen's participation in criminal activities or proof of intent to participate in them;

• If a citizen lacks the documents proving the purpose of the visit.

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On May 17, a signing ceremony took place in EP of the law providing visa-free entry for Ukrainian citizens into the EU countries. On May 22 the EU published the relevant law, which is expected to come into force on June 11.
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