"Why must some people pay taxes, excises, duties, while others grease palms?" Poroshenko on Ukrainians riding cars registered abroad


Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko takes a stand against illegal actions of drivers riding the cars that have not been cleared through customs.

Censor.NET reports citing LB.UA.

"When we were visiting Yahodyn (border crossing point in the Volyn region, Ukrainian-Polish border - Ed.), there was a car with Lithuanian license plates and a Ukrainian behind the wheel entering Ukraine. I asked him whether he was entering the country for a five-day period (the maximum allowed period of stay for the cars registered abroad - Ed.). He said: "Mr. president, what five days are you talking about?" This is what he told me. "But what would you do then?" I asked him. "Well, this and that. I'll grease some palms. We'll see what we see"," Poroshenko said.

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"No, my friends, that's not going to work. And you will be greasing no palms. Moreover, this should be done in a different way. And this situation requires coordination among us. Why must some people pay taxes, excises, duties, while the others grease someone's palms? We must take a common stand not to let some people think they are smarter than the others," the head of state stressed.

As reported, owners of cars with foreign license plates demanding that the authorities make concessions to them blocked one of Kyiv's central streets on May 24.

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